E-Mail Responses

FAQ for Dance Lessons (Private and Group)

Below are appropriate responses to common e-mail inquiries worded as or similar to the following.
Select the question on the left and the response will appear on the right.

What should I wear?
How much do lessons cost?
How much do group lessons cost?
How much do private lessons cost?
Do we have to <sign-up/reserve/register> ahead of time?
Can we just show up to your class?
Can we rent your studio for rehearsal space?
Can we rent your studio for our private event?
What is your class schedule?
When can I take group classes??
Do I need a partner?
Do lessons cost more if I do not have a partner?
I want to learn to dance. How do I start?
Can we have a private class for a group of us?
How much would a private class for a group of us cost?
How do we learn to dance for our wedding?
Do you have to pay ahead of time for all the lessons?
Do I have to attend all of the progressive classes for the month?
When does the new session of progressive classes start?
When can I take lessons?
When can I <teach/practice>?
When can I take private lessons?
Do you have a wedding program?
Can we try a lesson?
What level class should I take?
Can we buy lessons together?
Can we split lesson packages?
How long do your lessons run?
Do you teach <hip-hop/non-partner dancing/line dancing/etc...> ?
I have <2-left feet/no coordination/etc...>. Can I still learn to dance??
Can I take private lessons?
Can I observe your classes for my class in school?
To copy and paste the response:
  1. Click on the question to the left
  2. Type Apple-c (copy)
  3. Click inside your e-mail composer reply window
  4. Type Apple-v (paste)